Latest design: Daisy Chain Booties

About 20 years ago, my sister-in-law jokingly suggested that I knit a pair of booties to look like little pumpkins. I did so, and I was hooked on the idea of designing fun and interesting baby bootie patterns.

I’m frequently inspired by nature — I’ve designed patterns for Bumblebee Booties, Strawberry Booties, etc. — and also by textures, patterns and traditional knitting techniques. For example, my Gansey Booties are a little homage to traditional seamen’s gansey sweaters. I’ve also been inspired by challenges from knitting friends. I designed a pair of Dragon Baby! Booties, like dragon’s feet with claws and scales, because one of my online friends basically dared me to.

More Tinier Trees?

I sell my shakeyourbooties patterns for booties on Ravelry, and I also have a few free patterns available there for ornaments and other things. 🙂

My latest design is Daisy Chain Booties, I’m swatching for my next bootie pattern (butterflies?) and I’m also currently working on expanding my Tinier Trees pattern to have more options (beads, cables, lace …. ?). My most ambitious pattern yet … Flower Shop Booties, aka “knit your own ending” booties for multiple variations of flower booties will be published eventually … I’m still working my way through the seemingly endless cuff/petal options!

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