Bacon and egg booties sit on a plate with toast and tomatoes
Latest design: Bacon & Eggs Booties

About 20 years ago, my sister-in-law jokingly suggested that I knit a pair of booties to look like little pumpkins. I did so, and I was hooked on the idea of designing fun and interesting baby bootie patterns.

I’m frequently inspired by nature — I’ve designed patterns for Bumblebee Booties, Strawberry Booties, etc. — and also by textures, patterns and traditional knitting techniques. For example, my Gansey Booties are a little homage to traditional seamen’s gansey sweaters. I’ve also been inspired by challenges from knitting friends. I designed a pair of Dragon Baby Booties, like dragon’s feet with claws and scales, because one of my online friends basically dared me to.

Violet booties sit in a potted violet houseplant
Prototype Violet Booties

I sell my shakeyourbooties patterns for booties on Ravelry, and I also have a few free patterns available there for ornaments and other things. 🙂

My latest design is Bacon & Eggs Booties and I’m currently working on my most ambitious pattern yet … Flower Shop Booties, aka “knit your own ending” booties for multiple variations of flower booties.

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